• Videos for our Sartorette Superstars!Camera

    We miss seeing our superstars everday and the school spirit they bring to Sartorette. Some staff members have created videos to check in with their students and some have created videos reading a story. We also have a 5th grade student who is sharing her Youtube series called "Reading with Kendall." She has chosen National Geographic Kids books to read aloud and share her knowledge on the topic. We hope these videos bring a smile to you and your child's face as they do for us. 


Message to Room 23 from Ms. Nelson
Read Aloud with Mrs. Calomeni
Story time with Mrs. Kent
Blaze a Trail with Mrs. Calomeni
Reading with Kendall- Weather
Reading with Kendall- Play Kitten and Swim Fish
Reading with Kendall- Polar Bears
Reading with Kendall- Lions