• second step

    Second Step

    Second Step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning (SEL) that helps transform schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to encourage children to thrive. More than just a classroom curriculum, Second Step’s holistic approach helps create a more empathetic society by providing education professionals, families, and the larger community with tools to enable them to take an active role in the social-emotional growth and safety of today’s children.

     Second Step Support at Home

    Support Second Step learnings at home by using the same language and lessons of empathy throughout daily activities.

     Empathy is feeling or understanding what someone else is feeling.

     How to Calm Down

    • Stop. Use your signal
    • Name the feeling
    • Calming down
    • Managing learning challenges

     Problem-Solving Steps

    • Say the problem
    • Think of solutions
    • Explore consequences
    • Pick the best solution

     Friendship Skills

    • Inviting to play
    • Playing fairly
    • Making amends
    • Handling name-calling