• Week of Feb 10 2020


    Finish Domino lab, homework is Post lab Domino Questions(Due Tuesday)

    Start Reference Point Flip Book

    Forensics- Finish Timeline

     Finger CSI Video



    8th Science- Refernece point "Dancing on the Ceiling " activity

    Forensics- Trace Evidence Notes



    8th Grade Science- Spped Machines Lab

    Forensics- Fibers Lab



     Quiz reference points

     Speed Lab continued


    Forensics- Continue with fibers lab





    Week of Jan 27

     8th Science- Gizmos pHAnalysis(get thsi from Goggle classroom )

     Forensics- Finish Powder lab and work on CSI webquest



     Science- Color Recipe lab

    Forensics- Start Timeline Project



     Science- Unknown solutiuons pHLab

     Forensic- Work on timeline


     Science- Acid Base quiz

     Forensics- Forensics Article


    Week of Jan 13th

    Science- Branham Registartion speaker

    Forensics- Finish Microscope Lab


    Tuesday Science -Finish Stations work

     Forensics- Forensic Video



     Science- POLYMER lab

     Forensic- Mystery Powder lab


    Friday- Finish Polymer lab

     Forensics- Microscope quiz



    Week of Jan 6th 2020



    8th Grade- Chemical Formulas and Equations(Due Monday 1/13)

    Forensics- Intro to Forensics, Video



    8th Grade Science- Model Compunds Activity

     Forensics- Finish "Values of evidence video"



    Forensics- Microscope Activity

    8th Grade Science- " Bouncey Ball lab", finish Compunds modeling



    8th Science- Quiz "All about Carbon", counting atoms worksheet

    Forensics- Continue working on Microscope lab




    Week of Dec 16th


     8th grade Science - Checkpoint for Element research due

    Forensics- Finish Burn it Down Packet



    8th grade- Finish reasearch for Element Backstroy checkpoint

    Forensics- Arson online activty



     8th grade- Hydrogen Lab

      Continue work on Element superhero project

     Progress on story timeline due today


     Grinch Guilty or innocent


    8th Science

     Element Superhero/Villain Project DUE


     Continue with Grinch Guilt or Innocence




    Week of Dec 9th


    8th Science- Finish Flame test

     Homework Due 12/16 Arranging the Elements packet

    Forensics- Continue building arson structure



     8th Science- Periodic Table of Candy Activity

    Forensics- Continue with Arson structure and Notes



    Science- Hydrogen lab,Build an atom activity

    Forensics- Arson of structures



    8th- Finish Atom timeline, Quiz

    Forensics- Arson Report of structures


    Dec 2nd

    8th grade- Start Atom theory poster- 

    No homework


     Forensics- Vrtual autopsy sheet


    Dec 3rd-

    8th grade- Continue with Atom theory poster

    Forensics- Same as Monday due to 7th grade field trip


    Dec 4/5th BLOCK

    8th Science- Create an element square based on self( see handout from class)

     Falme test of metallic elements

    Forensics- Begin Arson Unit


    Dec 6th


    8th- Finish Atom Theory Posters, continue with Flame test of elements

    Forensics- Guest speaker from Santa Clara County Forensics Dept



    Week of Nov 18


    8th Science-

    Finish Video

    Send video to Mr Stephens or share on Google

    Evaluate yourself and team members



     Blood spatter practice Area of Convergence



     8th- Video presenatations

    Forensics- Blood quiz

    Scavenger Hunt



     8th grade-Atoms activity

     Start timeline

    Forensics- Autopsy


     8th-  Continue with Atom timeline

     Forensics- Finish Autopsy and fill out forms







    Week of Nov 11th

    Monday- No school


    8th Science Start palnning group video for Phases of Matter Project

    Forensics- Bloodspatter webquest


     8th grade- Continue planning and filimng Phases of Matter Project

     Homework DR Changes in the state of matter

     Forensics- Finish Blood Spatter Lab



     8th- Film Video

    Forensics- Blood splatter practice-Area of Converegence






    Week of Nov 4th


     8th Grade Science- Write and color code the CER for Sugar Cube Lab Day 1

     Forensics-Complete Fingerprint Parctice quiz for homework(both periods 6,7 due Tuesday)

    Complete the five questions for the REAL CSI Video posted on Goggle Classroom site (Due Thursday 7th period, Wednesday 6th period) 


     8th - Survey Social Emotional , then Condensation lab


    Start Blood Splatter labs


     8th Science-

     Boiling /Freezing Lab


     Continue with Blood Splatter labs


    8th- Gas, Liquid solid quiz

    Forensics- Blood work



    Week of October 28th

    Monday- 8th Grade Science Lab -Air its really there

    Forensics- Polly Klass Case study


    8th Science Gizmoes Phases of Water

    Forensic- Super Glue Fuming lab and continue with notes


     8th-Ice cream Lab and worksheet

    Forensic- Fingerprint Scavenger Hunt and Fingerprint Crime Match up


    No school





    Week of October 14


     Science Molecules in Motion Lab Lesson 1

     Forensics- Hair Lab


     Tuesday 8th grade China Town Field trip

     Wednesday/Thursday- Science  Lesson 2 Hot Cold water motion

     Forensics- Start Fingerprints, Finish timeline

     Friday- Science DR Phases of Matter

     Forensics- Case Study 




    Week of Sept 30th


    8th Science- Density Column HMWK

     Lab in class- Forensic Density Mystery

    Forensics- Continue Timeline work



    8th- PhET- Density Computer work

    Forensics- Timeline continued



     8th Grade- Liquid Layer Lab

     Homework-Density Problems worksheet (Due Fri)

     Plus you recieved a Density review sheet for quiz next BLOCK day


     Forensics- Start Hair analysis notes

     Continue with Timeline




    Week of September 23rd

    • Monday 23rd- 8th Grade Science  Dunkin for Density Lab and Write up Due Tuesday
    • Forensics- Finish Water Multiplying Machine Drawing and begin "The deadly Picnic"

    Tuesday 24th-8th Science- 

    First period Density DR Due BLOCK

    Periods 2,3,5  Bouyancy and density DR

    Forensics- 6th period Finish Water multiplying machine and watch Brain Games

     7th period- The deadly picnic activity




    Friday 27th- NO SCHOOL