• Background & Purpose

    To encourage and support the study of languages in elementary and middle schools, the Cambrian School District along with other K-8 school districts and county offices in the state of California has initiated a series of acknowledgments to encourage students to begin or continue the study of a second or third language.

    In April 2019, the Board of Trustees of the Cambrian School District adopted Board Resolution No. 18-19-06 for adopting a Biliteracy Pathway Recognitions Program to recognize elementary and middle school students who have demonstrated progress toward proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in one or more languages in addition to English.

  • CSD Biliteracy Pathway Participation Award

    Achieving advanced levels of knowledge and proficiency in another language takes many years and must start early with young children.  The CSD Biliteracy Pathway Recognitions Program establishes a system of "pathway" awards from elementary through middle school recognizing benchmarks towards biliteracy.  These awards are designed to recognize student engagement in the pursuit of language skills in two or more languages, affirm positive attitudes towards multilingualism, and validate the use of multiple languages for all students.  Additionally, these awards promote the need for students to continue in long-term, sequential world language study in high school.

    The CSD Biliteracy Pathway Participation Award is consistent with current district policies and initiatives that focus on ensuring students' college and career readiness and preparation for next-generation skills. This policy affirms the District's vision and commitment to the critical importance of all students developing multilingual and multicultural competence while acquiring marketable skills.

    To be considered for the CSD Biliteracy Pathway Participation Award, complete the application process below:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The deadline for the application to be submitted with all the requirements is April 30, 2024.  Students will be recognized at the first Board Meeting on June 6, 2024.