MTSS Umbrella
  • What is MTSS?

    In California, MTSS is an integrated, comprehensive framework that focuses on CCSS, core instruction, differentiated learning, student-centered learning, individualized student needs, and the alignment of systems necessary for all students’ academic, behavioral, and social success. California has a long history of providing numerous systems of support. These include the interventions within the RtI2 processes, supports for Special Education, Title I, Title III, support services for English Learners, American-Indian students, and those in gifted and talented programs. MTSS offers the potential to create needed systematic change through intentional design and redesign of services and supports that quickly identify and match the needs of all students.

    Cambrian School District staff members are developing our framework so that we can more effectively coordinate our efforts across all our schools and support systems.  In the Spring of 2018, CSD was awarded a grant to participate in the California Scale-Up MTSS Statewide (SUMS) initiative. 

    Over the next few years, CSD along with a number of Santa Clara County school districts will be exploring, engaging and implementing the 3 cornerstones of the MTSS framework: 

    1. Tiered System of Instruction & Intervention
    2. Comprehensive Assessment System, and 
    3. Systematic Problem Solving

    As we roll out our initial plan for MTSS, more information will be shared with all stakeholders throughout.  Look for more information about MTSS to come.

    How can I learn more about MTSS?

    Visit the following website for more information: