• Education Code Sections 35015 and 35035 (g) require school district governing boards to certify their district's projected year-end and subsequent years financial condition twice a year. The certification shall be based upon required financial and budgetary reports, cumulatively entitled the "Interim Report".

    After reviewing the Interim Report, the County Office of Education can make one of three certification statements. They are: (1) positive certification, meaning the District is and will remain, financially solvent through fiscal year-end and two subsequent years, provided appropriate adjustments are made; (2) qualified certification, meaning that if certain events do or do not occur, the District will not be able to meet its financial obligations; and (3) negative certification, meaning that the District will not be able to meet its financial obligations through fiscal year-end or two subsequent years. Please click the following link to review the 1st Interim Budget Update, prepared by Chief Financial Officer Penny Timboe, for the 2018-19 School Year.

    1st Interim Budget Update 2018-19 School Year