Cross Country 2021

  •  Panthers' Cross Country Running News

     We made it! League Finals TODAY


    Mr. Hunt needs four parent volunteers to help out (approximately 45 minutes)

    Please email if you can help out. And introduce yourself to Mr Hunt at the meet

    Picture day tomorrow, Thursday, in front of the cafeteria steps. Bring your race jersey in a ziplock baggie with your NAME (first and last) and GRADE level on a piece of tape on the outside of the bag. You will wear your jersey for our team picture Thursday, then turn it in (if clean and folded neatly). If you cannot wash it by Thursday, please return it to Mr. Segovia or Mr. Hunt no later than Tuesday, October 12th

    Picture Day Thursday!



     League FINALS at John D Morgan Park in Race Sequence:
    6 G, 6B, 7G, 7B, 8G, 8B starting promptly at 4 PM
    All races will be completed before the next race is to start
    (this will be a longer meet). ALL runners qualify. 
    Informal team party today at JD Morgan Park. Consider bringing special snacks (for approximately 6-8 students) and we'll enjoy an extended, casual, social with eats and drink and if students choose, balloons and streamers and even some fun music. Bring a comfy chair to sit on and invite your family to cheer you on.
    If you can bring a large plastic table for our goodies that would be most appreciated.



    PRICE Course Responsibility: COACH needs 4 volunteers for our assigned course station #8 as well as a finish line worker. If your parent or guardian could help, please email Mr. Hunt (thank you!). If I have 4 volunteers each taking about a 45-50 minute shift that would be wonderful. I am so very thankful for the amazing support our team has been receiving. 

    Note: PLEASE DO NOT WALK THROUGH THE CSI CAMPUS AND OFFICE AREA. When entering the CSI school parking lot go to the gate that is at the end of the left parking lot.  There is a walkway to gain access to the field space. BETTER YET, ENTER THE PARK FROM THE PARKING LOTS OFF OF BUDD AVE. OR RINCON AVE.


    League Finals

    Price has station #8 and finish line duties






    EDS Course



    CT English Course Map



    How Can Parents Help?

    Parents, we need some helpers at the meets as the coaches are BUSY. If you can and would like to help, please email the coaches.

    Areas of Need:

    a. Parents- please take pictures and send them along to Mr. Hunt or Senor Segovia for the Yearbook!

    b. Checking in runners at the event (20 minutes)

    c. Helping along the course (We could benefit from the help of three parents for 20 minutes or so. Email Mr Hunt if you can help with Checking In/Out and Along the Course)

    d. Bringing a table and or helping out with our snack table. Bring in snacks (for 8-12 students each)



    Meets: Click Here for Race Sequence & Location






    “The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that

    I had the courage to start.”    

     “Focus on where you are instead of where you

    wish you were. The joy will follow.”


    John Bingham, No Need for Speed:

    A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running



    Our goals are few:

    1) Have FUN  

    2) Establish/strengthen FRIENDSHIPS   

    3) Get FIT


    Proud of your EffortsCoaches Rob Hunt and Senor Segovia





    Cross Country Packet 2021- Click Here (copies are also in the office)


    BRING:  Mask, Water bottle(s), sunscreen (caps are encouraged) and comfortable running clothes.

    Masks will be needed for when we are sitting nearer to one another. Students will be training in cohorts to minimize transmission risk and to facilitate contact tracing when necessary. Dry-fit shirts are recommended. Some students prefer running with headphones, which coaches don't mind provided students keep the volume at a level they may still respond to instructions, and listen to school-appropriate, youth-friendly tunes. Students may be picked up in the parking lot near the big gym, or in front of campus as parents/guardians see fit 

    Merely let your coaches know what days you will attend...and be consistent with your training. 






    West Valley Athletic League Rules.



    Run in such a way as to win the prize!






    6th Grade Boys LAUNCH at Fisher MS

    Seems people can FLY



    6 Girls 

    Happy Panthers





     Here is a FUN FUN FUN Animoto Video from the 2017-2018 Season

    90+ STRONG




    Our Awesome 2018 Season concluded on the 15th with the Santa Clara County Meet at Montgomery Hill in Evergreen (qualifiers listed below). Your coaches are extremely proud of your determination and discipline. Well done, indeed!


    County Meet Qualifiers- Well DONE!  


    2.2 Miles of Hill-Climbing CHALLENGE!


    Here's the 2018 RACE Course at Montgomery Hill

    8th Grade Boys 
    Jeff Hedlund
    Roman Nicoletta
    Gabriel Hui
    8th Grade Girls: 
    Carly Cummings
    Kaylynn Park
    Ava Medina
    7th Grade Boys 
    Anthony Lenz, 
    Matthew Eisenman
    Zachary Frederick
    7th Grade Girls 
    Mikaylee Fore
    Amy Tansek
    6th Grade Boys 
    Carson Hedlund
    (who as an 8th grader 2019-2020 set the school mile record with a 4:28 and "change")
    Brody Sneed
    Ethan Silver
    6th Grade Girls 
    Rena Robinson
    Amanda Schwarz






    Please ask parents to

    send pictures to your coaches for the Yearbook!






    Counties at Montgomery Hill



    6th Grade Panthers  

    7th Grade Charger  






    Gabe H  



     Running- NO feet touching! Down the Hill at CT English 6th Graders RUN Meet at Easterbrook Discovery School

    6th Grade Charger, Owen!








    Westmont Course Map


    Westmont HS Race


    Race Results

    Posted on the Wall Outside Room 20