• Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Before the Conference:
    Speak with your child about school and learn his/her thoughts and feelings.
    The school’s academic program:

    • testing program
    • grading, homework, and discipline policies
    • ability to do schoolwork
    • current levels of achievement in reading, math, and other areas
    • attitude towards school
    • ability to get along with others
    • grading, homework, and discipline policies

    Discuss your child’s:

    • achievements
    • physical and emotional health
    • likes and dislikes
    • activities after school
    • responsibilities at home
    • Jot down important points discussed
    • Share the results with the appropriate person(s) in your family
    • stress positive points brought out by the teacher
    • give compliments of the things done well
    • discuss the teacher’s suggestions for improvement

    A parent-teacher partnership is needed if your child is to have a happy and productive school experience. You as a parent can be helpful to the teacher, and you can seek advice from the teacher who works with your child daily. Everyone benefits from a good parent-teacher conference. Whenever possible, both parents or guardians should participate.

    Write down your questions, which might include some of the following concerns:

    Your child’s:

    During the Conference:

    After the Conference:

    Discuss the conference with your child:

    Be sure to check back with the teacher on a mutually agreed-upon date to discover how the child has progressed since the conference.