• California School Dashboard and System of Support

    California’s accountability and continuous improvement system provide information about how local educational agencies and schools are meeting the needs of California’s diverse student population.

    The CA School Dashboard contains reports that display the performance of local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures to assist in identifying strengths, challenges, and areas in need of improvement.

    2022 CA School Dashboard Information

    California School Dashboard NavigatorExternal link opens in new window or tab.
    The California School Dashboard Navigator is an interactive mapping tool for visualizing school and student group performance on a map that displays schools by their color-coded performance level for each of the state indicators and student groups. Users can target their searches by specific geographic areas and refine their searches using a set of interactive charts. Information on how to use the tool is provided in the Navigator How-To Guide and in the FAQs.

    Additional Resources

    • The CA Dashboard Mobile App is now available. The mobile App allows parents and educators an easier way to access their school and district Dashboards, all at their fingertips. Download the CA Dashboard Mobile App today!
    • Getting to Know the California School Dashboard (PDF)
      The Dashboard is an online tool designed to help communities across the state access important information about K-12 schools and districts.

    • Getting to Know the Measures (PDF)
      The Dashboard features six state measures that provide important information on how schools are serving their students.

    • How Dashboard Colors are Determined (PDF)
      The Dashboard shows the performance of districts, schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures that assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement.

    • Exploring the Equity Report(PDF)
      Equity is at the Heart of California's Accountability System. The Dashboard shines a light on both the successes and challenges that county offices, districts, and schools are experiencing in addressing disparities.