• 8th Grade Exit Interviews
    Students have been carefully archiving their work since the sixth grade and have focused their efforts in creating the best representation of their middle school experience. Through their core classes, students will have the opportunity for reflection with their parents in a student-led conference format.
    What is it?
    The 8th Grade Exit Interviews are an opportunity for each student to reflect upon their learning experience at Price. Students have been archiving their work in portfolios since the sixth grade, and will use the accumulated products as evidence for their reflection. Many of the state language arts standards, especially the listening/speaking strategies, are demonstrated here through the use of effective and articulate dialogue with the interviewers.
    A set of interview questions serve as a guideline for a conversation, whereby students express their learning style and of themselves, as a learner. Future goals are also shared and anticipation for their high school experiences are a definite part of the conversation.
    For Students:
    You will begin to prepare for the Interviews after the second Portfolio culling day in April. Your core teacher will be spending a lot of time in May assisting you with organizing the contents of your portfolios, as well as refining your responses to questions.
    The Interviewer will be assessing the quality of your interview with the use of the rubric that your teacher will be sharing with you.