• Screech's Birthday         Episode  1:          https://youtu.be/WPbsEBsSveE
    Jessie's Song                    Episode  2:         https://youtu.be/Ni1P_6k5j0c
    Slater's Friend Arty       Episode  3:       https://youtu.be/oS0TaIIQpVE
    Senior Prom                             Episode 4:        https://youtu.be/p9MBNVoMGIg
    Teacher Strike                        Episode 5:             https://youtu.be/6ctFE3-YBlU
    Places I Want to Be        Episode 6           https://youtu.be/fRIpOgqGhPA
    Final Episode                           Episode 7   FInal   youtu.be/RL1On2tOvtUhttps
    Scott    This morning I woke up and had an egg. BTW follow my instagram @scott.schwiebert
    Colin             This class has taken me past my limits!!!!!
    Lexi        I like pugs.   
    Jaycob  I'm "HOT"   (that's what he thinks) 
    Mallen      This has been a really fun class so far!! 
    Jacob          This class has been a super fun and exciting                                           experience. BTDUBS friend me on snapchat
                                              @buckmanj3  Be yourself no matter what                                           happens or what other people say.
    Camyrn    This class has been a really fun experience!
    Mikaea   America follow me on insta  jaykobe205
    Brianna  Mr. Butler said he sees my GREATNESS
    Alvin   Go follow chipmunks are hot
    Steven  I love Video Games 
    Haley  "Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee"