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    Participation 65%

    Mile Runs/Pacers  25 %

    Written Assignments 10%



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    Second Semester Units

    18 Jan- 2 Feb -Softball

    7 Feb-4 March -Track and Field

    7-25 Mar- Badminton

    28 Mar-1 April- Fitness Testing

    11-29 April- Frisbee

    2-20 May- Hockey




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    SMART Goals 

     Specific, Measurable, Achievable,

    Relevant, and Timely


    Components of Fitness 

    California's Fitness Standards











    At the Campbell Par Course I rode my mountain bike with my dad, James (who rides 70 miles a week!). My heart rate peaked at 133 beats per minute. After one minute it was down to 105. I guess I am getting more fit after all!
    Played a forty-five minute game of two on two basketball with my auntie (Susan), who was a gamer for USC in college! We paused in the middle and my heart was RACING! 153 beats per minute. Is that even safe, Mr. Hunt?