• Home and school club


    The purpose of the Steindorf HSC is two-fold:
    1. Create and foster a nurturing, supportive community for our students and families.
    2. Raise funds for programs and activities that help educate the whole child but are not covered in the school's site budget. 
    Building Community & Running Fundraisers
    Some of the events we run are both fundraisers and community events, while others fall clearly into one category or the other. We work closely with the school administration and our parent community to determine what events we will run each year. The number of events we are able to run, of course, depends on the number of families willing to help plan, run, and attend the events.  
    The amount of money we fundraise dictates what we are able to spend on programs and activities that enhance the education of all children at Steindorf. So, our ultimate success is heavily tied to the involvement of our Steindorf families in our efforts. And the more families that are involved the stronger our Steindorf community is.
    What the HSC Does