The Investment Campaign is the Home and School Club's (HSC) major fundraising program, where families of Steindorf students contribute directly to their children's education - click here to donate now. While the State of California is the primary funding source for Steindorf, these funds are used to cover only the basic expenses, and have been cut substantially in recent years. To supplement, the HSC will spend over $100,000 this year by funding the following and more: 
    Distance Learning, Field Trips & Transportation, PBIS, Maker Space, Music, Living Lab, Science Lab, Library, Arts, Assemblies, Classroom Supplies, Power Hour, Technology, Theater, plus many other subsidies
    Your donation is an investment in our children’s future. We hope to raise the majority of our fundraising goal through the Investment Campaign. Holding this fundraiser at the start of the year enables us to gauge if we’ll be able to fund everything outlined in the budget or if modifications need to be made. Efficient, direct-cash fundraising allows parents to spend more time with their children and enables our school to provide a broader, higher quality education for our children. Full participation in the Investment Campaign will ease the burden of other fundraisers that require more volunteer effort. If you are unsure of how much to give, please consider the amount of $450 per student in your household as an investment in future programs and technology that will benefit our children for years to come. If you would rather pledge to donate an amount and then set up payment in installments, just let us know - we are happy to work with you. Simply contact one of our Treasures at steindorf.treasurer@gmail.com.

    The money raised will allow the HSC to fund the events, programs, and activities outlined in the 2020/2021 plan (aka the HSC budget) and approved by the parent membership.  In fact, if you look at the budget over 90% of the money goes directly to classroom and school support . Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes and we offer a variety of fundraising opportunities throughout the year (investment campaign, family dinner nights out at a local restaurant, product sales, parent night out auction, stampede-a-thon and more) in an effort to ensure that each family is able to participate in fundraising in a manner that works best for them. It is not expected that each and every family participate in each and every fundraiser….rather participate however and whenever you can.


    Employer MatchingMany employers in our area will match donations made to non-profits. The Steindorf HSC, as part of the Cambrian Education Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity (Tax ID# 77-0448212) and is eligible to receive any matching grants. We will gratefully accept any employer’s matching contribution. In fact, we have learned that Apple is matching donations 2:1 through 12/31/18. What an amazing way to double the bang of your buck! Please ask your company if they will match your donation...many are already set up to do so (e.g., Abbott, Apple, Cadence, Cisco, eBay, GE, Google, Kaiser, Lam Research, McAfee, Micron, Oracle, PG&E, Rovi, Synopsys, Texas Instruments, Varian, and VMWare) and we are happy to work with any that aren’t set up yet. Again, just reach out to one of our Treasurers at steindorf.treasurer@gmail.com.
    Stock Donations - The HSC is able to accept donation of stock.  Many employers who match cash donations also match stock donations.  Just reach out to our Treasurer at steindorf.treasurer@gmail.com.
    Volunteer Hours - Some companies "pay" employees for their volunteer hours by making a donation to their non-profit of choice.  We can be that non-profit.  Again, just reach out to one of our Treasurers at steindorf.treasurer@gmail.com.