• To all Parents and Students,

    We are excited to welcome new and returning parents and students to all of our Cambrian School Sites.  In an interest to acclimate you to our food service program, we have added a very brief description of our process to set up a students account and provide lunch cards and student PIN (Personal Identification Number) at all of our sites.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Mike Bottarini  bottarinim@cambriansd.com.

    For all sites with grades TK through 5:   On the first day of school, returning students’ pick-up their card from the card rack in the lunchroom and continue through the serving line to select their entrée, fruit and/or vegetable order and drink.  Milk is optional.

    For new students or any student does not have a card in the card rack they are able to give the staff member at the end of the serving line their last name. The staff member will then enter the student's information, create their new student account and charge that meal to the new account. These students will receive a new card the next day at lunch for future use.

     For all sites with grades 6 through 8:   The students can first go to the salad bar, then get into a line where they will choose their entrée item with ½ cup of fruit and/or vegetable.  Milk is optional. Returning students’ enter their PIN on the PIN pad at the end of the service line and the meal is charged to their account.

    For new students or students that do not have their PIN, the student will need to give the lunch staff member their last name and appropriate student information. The staff member will then enter the student's information into the system to create or locate the student's account.  The account will then be charged for the meal and the staff member will provide the student their PIN.

     Note - All food shall be consumed in the appropriate eating areas designated by school officials. 


    Mike Bottarini

    CSD Food Supervisor