Cambrian Summer Programs

  • Extended School Year (ESY) Via Distance Learning

    ESY services are designed to support a student with a disability as documented under the Individuals with Disability Act (IDEA) to maintain the academic, social/behavioral, communication, or other skills that they have learned as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 accommodation plan. The focus of the services provided to the student as part of an ESY program is generally not upon learning new skills or "catching up" to grade level, but rather to provide practice to maintain previously acquired or learned skills. In some cases, ESY is focused on continuing education for students whose rate of progress is insufficient to enable effective progress during the regular school year. 

    Please contact Student Services for more information.

  • Virtual Summer Learning Opportunities & Resources

    We are finalizing plans to support students and families with independent virtual summer learning opportunities in reading and mathematics. In addition, students will get the chance to explore other enrichment learning opportunities and important skills.  The following Imagine Learning Resource is an example of what students can do to keep up with their literacy and math skills:

    Imagine Learning

    The virtual summer program and resources website will be launched, with the highest priority placed on providing access to online resources at no cost to our students and families. Technology support will continue to be provided throughout the summer to support virtual learning for students and families who chose to continue to engage in learning over the summer.  The Virtual Summer Learning Opportunities & Resources website will be dedicated to supporting the programs.  Ongoing districtwide communication will be provided with updates as needed.  Look for more detailed information in next Friday’s newsletter.