• Gift of the Magi/Nutcracker Unit

    Holiday Presentations

    Each group will present for 5 to 10 minutes. 

    Information will be given on the holiday traditions of a given country.  Presentations can cover possible topics like:

    ·       A brief history of the country

    ·       Geography

    ·       Climate during this time of year

    ·       Traditions of the given country from November through February

    ·       Songs of the holiday

    ·       Dance(s) of the holiday

    ·       Holiday characters and their origins

    ·       Family traditions

    ·       The role of gift giving

    ·       Special foods and drinks

    ·       Demographics (people)

    Each member of the group must present.  The only notes which are allowed are the symbols from your Google Slides or Book Creator. 

    You may bring in food or drinks as part of your presentation on Friday from your assigned country for some bonus points.  This is optional.  

    The Google Slides or Book Creator, is to help you with the presentation, and to give the class some idea of what you are talking about. It should be used to provide some visualization and reference.  DO NOT use it as a script and read w-o-r-d-for-w-o-r-d  from it.  That is BORING and ineffective public speaking