• eScrip is the best way to raise funds for the organizations you want to support.  After you've signed up, earning is easy - just shop at thousands of eScrip merchants online, and grocers and drug stores in your town.  Book travel and shop Amazon through eScrip, and share eScrip with everyone you know!

    • I'ts FREE.  Support up to 3 schools or nonprofits.
    • Shop online or shop locally.  Earn automatically when you shop, Dine out or book travel.
    • Buy things you normally buy and earn for your causes!


    Install th ForgetMeNot™ app and you don't have remember to stop by the Online Mall before you start shopping; ForgetMeNot™ will let you know when you are shopping at a retailer that gives back!


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    Step 1:  Sign UP            Step 2:  Shop             Step 3:  Earn

Last Modified on November 5, 2015