Are your credit card purchases earning $$$ for Bagby? It’s easy and raises $1000’s for Bagby. PLEASE, take a minute to register. If you did this last year, it is important that you register every year.  IT IS SIMPLE!!!

    Log on at escrip.com

    1. Select Bagby Home and School Club as your beneficiary
    2. Enter name, address and phone
    3. Register grocery and escrip.com cards (tthe cards that get you discounts at the store at checkout. These are the most important)
    4. Register additional credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.)
    5. Register retail and drug store cards.
    6. Confirm your registration.

    Additional Information:

    Scrip and eScrip are two TOTALLY different programs!! People confuse the two all the time. Be sure to take part in both eScrip and Scrip.

    For more information, email bagbytreasurer@gmail.com