• Cambrian School District’s Years of Service Awards Recipients were recognized on August 18, 2015.  We are honored to have so many dedicated Cambrian employees that have shown enduring commitment to our students and learning community.  We thank you for being here for all of our students.  Here are our honorees:


    30 Years

    Marlene Austin

    25 Years

    Barb Medina

    Raychelle Fordham

    Kayvon Kordestani

    Su Renfer

    20 Years

    John Olsen

    Randy Scofield

    15 Years

    Gregorio Bautista

    Tanya Hobson-Begraft

    John Carter

    Lisa De Marquez

    Imelda Kortens

    Lindsay Mar

    Maria Montes

    Patricia Del Castillo

    Lori Hoffman

    10 Years

    Tiffany Barry

    Stacey Bibo

    Jennifer Cooper

    Elizabeth Drach

    Kelley Durdella

    Faiza Fredericks

    Christine Hamilton

    Michelle Ignacio

    Veronica Johnson

    Janelle Lam

    Anne Marie Rose

    Deborah Stein

    Dan Winsor

    Alejandro Alfaro

    Mimi Mickelson

    Jackie Biggs

    Leslie Duquette

    5 Years

    Kristi Schwiebert

    Kevin Comartin

    Alina Kapilevich

    Carlena Grandey

    Gregory Chow

    Dawn Pelham

    Doron Aronson

    Linh Nguyen

    Dr.Carrie Andrews, Marlene Austin, Jeneva Sneed  
                                                                                  Dr.Carrie Andrews, Marlene Austin, Jeneva Sneed                                                                  
     Barb Medina, Raychelle Fordham, Kayvon Kordestani, Su Renfer
    Barb Medina, Raychelle Fordham, Kayvon Kordestani,Su Renfer
     Dr. Carrie Andrews, John Olsen, Jeneva Sneed  

     Dr. Carrie Andrews, John Olsen, Jeneva Sneed 

      15 Years of Service

    Maria Montes,  Lindsay MarImelda Kortens, Lori Hoffman,Tanya Hobson-Begraft, Lisa De MarquezJohn Carter, Gregorio Bautista 

    Ten Years of Service  

    Deborah Stein, Dan Winsor, Mimi Mickelson, Faiza Fredericks, Janelle Lam, Veronica Johnson, Michelle Ignacio, Jackie Biggs,  

    Christine Hamilton, Elizabeth Drach, Jennifer Cooper, Alejandro Alfaro,Tiffany Barry, Stacey Bibo, Kelley Durdella, Anne Marie Rose

    5 Years of Service  

    Linh Nguyen, Kristi Schwiebert, Dawn Pelham, Alina Kapilevich, Kevin Comartin, Carlena Grandey, Doron Aronson