• Dress Code

    Students are expected to dress appropriately. We take pride in the appearance of our students. Our major goal in this dress code is to ensure a safe learning environment where students can fully participate in all aspects of the curriculum.  Clothing should not prohibit students from actively and safely participating in indoor and outdoor activities such as Physical Education.

    Students who are not dressed appropriately will be asked to telephone their parents to have other clothing brought to the school or be sent home to change (Board Policy 5132).

    Examples of clothing that may not promote a safe learning environment or allow students to fully participate in all aspects of the curriculum include:

    • Open-toed footwear without heel straps is not allowed because it is not safe as it does not provide adequate foot protection for all school activities. "Heelies" (roller shoes) are not allowed. Sneakers/tennis shoes are recommended footwear. Socks are strongly recommended for protection.
    • Students who ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters to school are required to wear safety helmets. Our school will support the state enforcement of bicycle safety helmets by not permitting students to bring bicycles, skateboards, or scooter to school unless helmets are worn.
    • Dresses and shorts less than finger tip length as the arms and fingers are extended down along one's sides are not recommended.
    • Garments where the torso or midriff is exposed such as tube tops, half shirts, halters, or see-through clothing are not allowed. Tank tops with 2 in. shoulder straps are recommended.
    • Hats and hoods may be worn outside for sun protection.  They must be removed when indoors.
    • Sunglasses are only permitted if the student has a documented medical condition that requires them to be worn.
    • No clothing such as bandanas, specific color schemes, etc. identifiable to gangs is to be worn to school.
    • Clothing or materials which refer to or show obscene words, drugs, graphic pictures, weapons, or other inappropriate content are not allowed.
    • Saggy or tight pants that limit participation in school activities are not allowed.
    • Clothing that exposes undergarments is not allowed.