• 8th grade Core with Mr. Schertle

    Current Projects/Homework (listed with due dates)

      • Exit Interviews - Wednesday, 6/1
      • How-To Speeches - 6/2 and 6/3
      • Response to No Pretty Pictures - Friday, 6/3
      • SCRATCH Final Project to The Pearl - Monday, 6/6

    • Literature Circle Groups reading and written work - Every Thursday (need to be up on your reading and have written work done to before class every Thursday in order to participate in your literature circle book discussion)
    Class References  
    How-to Speech
    • Attention Getter -
    • Topic - Today I will show you how to...
    • Credibility - I know how to do this because...
    • Relevance - This will be good for you to learn because...
    Supplies - You will need these supplies...
    Transition - Now that you know all the supplies you need, you are ready to learn how to...
    After that
    Transition and Conclusion
    Now that I'm done, you can see that with the right supplies and steps you can...
    Lasting Impression 
    • The First Thanksgiving -  Use this website:  http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/stories/history/first-thanksgiving/ to read about the First Thanksgiving.  Create a Keyword Outline on TWO paragraphs in the article that interest you most.  Then use your keyword outline to retell those two paragraphs from the article.  Use ALL the Dress-Ups for EACH paragraph and ONE Decoration per Paragraph.  Underline Dress-Ups and Decorations and make sure you follow the Title Rule for EACH paragraph.
    Manzanar Digital Book Project
    • Title page with your topic and your first and last name
    • 2-3 Paragraphs introducing your topic
    • At least 5 historic pictures with captions
    • At least 5 quotes from Farewell to Manzanar with explainations 
    Group Topics:
    1.Military Service
    2.Sports and Recreation
    3.Crafting and Pastimes
    5.Camp Work
    6.Racism and Exclusion
    7. Dining, Barracks, and Cemetary