Mrs. Dodge


    To reach your student after school hours, dial the school number then ext. 330


    Course Description:

    This is a one semester course where students will work cooperatively to design page lay-outs, write copy, and take pictures to create the published yearbook for the school.


    Classroom Rules:

    1.            Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.

    2.            Come equipped to work.

    3.            Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking or getting out of your seat.

    4.            No gum or candy.


    Classroom Format:

    Students work alone or in partnerships and are responsible for assigned pages.  On each page, you will be responsible for the following:

    1.            Designing pages on the computer using the techniques of Adobe InDesign and Herff Jones E-Design.

    2.            Choosing the pictures that will be on your page.

    3.            The headlines and sub headlines.

    4.            The captions.

    5.            The articles, surveys, question & answers, etc…


    Year Goals

    1.            To get each person in the yearbook once (other than their school mug).

    2.            To achieve A+ quality work on each page (no spelling errors, misnamed students, no grammatical errors or sentence structure errors).

    3.            Every person in the yearbook class will be a major contributor, feeling fully responsible for his or her individual pages.

    4.            To make all deadlines.


    Materials needed everyday

    1.            In your binder, you will need a divider titled YEARBOOK, or a folder.

    2.            Two sharpened pencils or pens

    3.            Binder paper



    Layouts & classwork - 40%

    Participation – 40%

    Tests 20%


    Extra Points earned:

    Non class time (not related to your layout) 20 pts each hour