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    Dear Leadership Student,


                The Price Middle School Program is structured in a way that combines practical experience with hands- on activities that enhance the school’s climate, in and around school, with classroom activities.

                Expectations of you, by both staff members and students, will be high. Because of the label of “leader,” you will be placed into situations that demand you to think before you act. This concept is an important part of leadership. As I often will say, “Measure twice; cut once,” meaning that you must always check your work and think about it logically before you implement a plan. Often times, being a leader means getting in and doing what needs to be done, not telling someone else to do it! 

                Respect, responsibility, service and initiative are key qualities for you to display!

                It is essential that you respect yourself, other students and adults. Be polite! Say “please” and “thank you.” Be patient! Remember other people may not have quite the insight that you have.  Look at people for the qualities they have…not for the qualities they lack. Talk in such a way that builds other people up…not with words that will hurt them. You’ll be amazed at how treating other people this way helps in accomplishing your daily tasks and creates a less stressful life.

                There will be many times that you will need to work on a project without someone constantly watching you. You will need to be able to take the responsibility for the project and yourself. Another phrase that I often mention is, “Cradle to grave,” meaning that if you start a project, you should stick with it until it is finished and the mess is cleaned up. Control yourself. Participate, talk and have fun, but also know when to be quiet and get down to business.

                You, as am I, are here to serve the students of Price.  Our program’s purpose is to provide, promote and look for ways to constantly improve Price Middle School through activities and service to all students.

    We will spend time in class “preparing you for your performances.”  Some of the skills you already possess.  We will build on those and develop new skills.  You will make mistakes.  That’s fine.  It will mean you are having new experiences and attempting new tasks.  Through those experiences we will learn together.

                Year after year the Leadership Program is a great experience for those willing to put themselves into the program’s activities.  What you get out of it is related to what you put in.  We will work, we will play, and we will do things that are not so fun.  When it’s all over, I believe that you will be a better person and be glad you were a part of the program!

                In leadership, you will be involved in organizing and implementing many school activities including:

                Lunch Activities                                 Student Store                          Proud program incentives

                Plan & Organize Dances                   Gram Sales                             Staff Appreciation

                School wide Birthday Cards             Student Recognition              Rallies

                Holiday Activities                              School Service Projects          Core Competitions

                Special Projects/Events                     Serve as Mentors                    Publicity

                Hosts at Back to School Night & Open House        Leaders at POW & Connect the Dots          





    Mrs. Dodge




     “With great power comes GREAT responsibility.”  Spiderman


    I ________________________ accept the challenge and opportunity of being a part of the Leadership Program. I understand this program requires commitment, extra work and great responsibility. I will remember at all times that I represent Price Middle School students, faculty, and staff and that my behavior will be such that it will bring respect to the office or position I hold, the school, my family, and to myself.

    I am identified as a leader.  That includes setting an example as a good citizen, being sensitive to the feeling of others and meeting the needs of individuals and the school as I see opportunities and problems arise.  I will be polite and show respect to both adults and other students.  If I need to be out of class for Leadership activities, I will ASK that teacher for permission and will make-up any missed work.  I will support the activities and rules of Price Middle School in a positive way and look for ways to continue improving myself, others and Price.  I agree that gossip, talking behind other people’s backs, making fun of others in a hurtful way, truancy, suspensions, Saturday School and/or excessive tardies, detentions or absences are not part of being a student leader. I will maintain 2.5 GPA as a leadership student and 3.0 GPA if I am an ASB officer.  I understand that if I receive a behavior referral, I may not be allowed to remain in Leadership class.



    ¨       Students are in control of their grades:

    ¨       15% of the grade will be wearing their leadership on Fridays

    ¨       85% of the grade will be determined by the student’s participation in class and doing their required minutes.


    1.      REQUIRED: 75 minutes of community service a week (can be achieved by working in the student store or helping a teacher)

    2.      REQUIRED: Decorate and Clean- up dances ___________________________

          Parent & student initials


    *** All Students are REQUIRED to decorate for a dance for an hour after school on the day of the dance and stay for a half an hour after the dance to clean-up.  A student must provide a written note from a parent if they are unable to decorate PRIOR to the day of the dance.  Minutes will be deducted from a student’s log for failure to set up for a dance without a parent note one week prior to the dance. 



    We have read and discussed the Course Outline, grading procedure and behavior requirements.




    Parent Signature _______________ Student name & Signature ____________ _________________













    (Please return this portion of the course to Mrs. Dodge)

    Dear Parents,


    I look forward to teaching your child this semester.  My Leadership students are very special to me as they help to create a warm, spirited environment for their fellow students as well as the staff.  I hope to teach them how to be servant-leaders and carry out a project from an idea to a reality.


    Thank you!



    Mrs. Jennifer Dodge



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    Student’s Name ___________________________­




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