Gifted and Talented Programs & Services

  • The programs and services for gifted and talented learners in Cambrian School District are based on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to develop his/her full potential. These programs and services for advanced learners include:

    • Seek out and include students from all cultural, linguistic and economic backgrounds
    • Develop intellect and creativity, support their interests, and guide them in building leadership skills and positive self-concept
    • Provide appropriately, differentiated services and program options which meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of students through; cluster grouping, flexible grouping in academic subjects, extended day school programs in the visual/performing arts and science, and summer programs
    • Ensure our teachers are trained and ready to meet the challenge of teaching the gifted learner in the regular classroom by a strong professional development program
    • Help parents nurture their students’ gifts and talents in the home and in collaboration with the school and district through general parent information site meetings throughout the year as well as offering through CAG and the Santa Clara County Office of Education

    The programs and services are provided through the following goals:

    • to provide differentiated opportunities for learning that are aligned with abilities and talents of individual students
    • to provide flexible/cluster grouping 
    • to develop a flexible curriculum that meets individual student needs
    • to develop stimulating and challenging methods of study
    • to cultivate students’ abilities to think critically, experiment, and foster self-direction, independence, leadership and creativity
    • to utilize skills of teachers on teaching teams as well as other resources and internal/external consultants
    • to use on-going assessment through teacher observations, student interviews, observation surveys, running records, rubrics, quizzes, criterion-referenced tests, teacher made tests, and standardized tests 

    The above services are embedded within each grade level’s curriculum. Teachers have and will continue to receive training in direct Instruction where they do flexible grouping as part of the lesson. It is during this time that students can be asked to go deeper into the subject matter being studied.

    With the support of parent volunteers and site staff, each school site can provide additional or extended day programs, such as Math Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind, Starting Arts, etc., as enrichment learning opportunities for all students to participate.  For more information on the availability of these additional learning opportunities, please contact your child's school office.

    Resources for Parents

    • California Association for the Gifted
    • National Association for the Gifted
    • Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted
    • Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley – a non-profit organization for gifted children in grades 2-8 and their families