It’s easy to shop with SCRIP.  Bagby earns a percentage from every gift card.

    1. Return order form with cash or check in Thursday envelope, drop off in school office, send with your child, or see us at the blue table in front of the school. (Please make checks payable to Bagby Home and School Club)
    2. Scrip will be sent home with your child, often the next day
    3. Use Scrip gift cards the same as cash when you shop at your usual grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, restaurants and more.
    4. Scrip will be available for sale Wednesday at 1:00-1:45pm and Friday at 8:00-8:30am and 2:00-2:45pm. Look for us on the lawn, blue table in front of the office or on a raining day in the office. We except credit cards in person with a 3% convenience fee. Additional days and times will be added as needed throughout the school year. If you have any inconveniences with getting your scrip, with one of the ways we have available, please feel free to contact one of us to set up a meeting time and date to get your cards. In some cases, like large orders, we are happy to bring your order to you.
    5. You can also visit shopwithscrip.com and register Bagby as your school. This will allow you to see every retailer that participates with this program. So if we don’t carry something you would like to purchase, chances are we can get it. You can also order on line.

    Participating retailers: by brand, or by category

    Want gift cards that aren't offered through Scrip?
    Bagby Scrip Gift cards from Target and Safeway can be used to purchase denominations of your choice and other gift cards.

    Example: Mrs. Smith purchases $100 Safeway scrip from Bagby.  She wants 4 - $25 dollar gift cards from 4 different places for her kids.  She goes to Safeway and purchases 1-$25 visa, 1-Abercrombe and Fitch, 1-Sports Authority, and 1-Banana Republic gift card with her Safeway scrip card.

    Pay off your Kohls Card with Scrip
    If you are a Kohls credit card holder, you can purchase Kohls scrip gift cards to pay your credit card bill. You can go to https://www.shopwithscrip.com/Shop/Product/65#/detail-scripnow to print out your Kohls gift card at home and pay in store. Must register with shopwithscrip.com first to print at home. 

    Scrip and eScrip are two TOTALLY different programs!! People confuse the two all the time. Be sure to take part in both Scrip and eScrip

    For more information, contact:

    Debbie Dariano-Decker – 408.461.1129 – darianodecker@yahoo.com