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    College Prepatory Math (CPM)
    CPM Guide Book HERE (chapter notes and examples for parents and students)
    Student ebook HERE   use your Google log in to access your ebook
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                         Step 1: click the ebook link above
                         Step 2: click green "Enroll" button
                         Step 3:  enter your period enrollment code (email Mrs. D for access code)
                         Step 4:  Click red button (use school Google account to create account)
                         Step 5: Click "Agree" on the terms and conditions page 
             You will now have access to the book online in both English and Spanish anywhere you have internet access!
       enrollment codesto be given in class.  Please see or email Mrs. D. if you were not in class when accounts were created.  



    Practice & Games
    • Symbaloo Links to math games
    • Khan Academy Skill practice and instructional videos on any math topic you can imagine
    • Challenge Puzzles "These problems require nothing more than a logical mind and a willingness to try things out on paper


     Helpful Tools and Sites