•  Welome to the Fammatre Outdoor Learning Community (OLC)Planter Boxes

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    (Last Editted: September 3, 2020)
    The garden has evolved over time and we look forward to it being a collaborative space for all of us at Fammatre: students, teachers, and all family.  With that said, we are renaming the garden to become the Fammatre,  Outdoor Learning Community (OLC). 
    Even though we aren’t able to access the space to plant or grow right now we want to share with you the vision moving forward. 
    Our outdoor area will become an extended outdoor learning space, and not just used to plant and harvest. We are working to integrate Maker-space/maker lab activities, while we bring in new ways of gardening that are sustainable and can be a different learning experience to all.
    Our plans are, but not limited to:
    1) Rebuilding the planting area and become a square foot garden design. It’s easier to maintain, less watering, less fertilizer etc. 
    2) The Makerspace element with the square foot garden include building the boxes and other accessories to use in different planting sessions.
    3) In 2016 we purchased tower gardens. Unfortunately, the opportunity to use them to their full extend wasn’t quite there. We are going to give it a go again. There’s great application of learning to plant without soil, use building skills and learn about different elements to help plants grow.
    4) Art Garden. We have designated with approval, an area that’ll become an art garden. I’ve added images that might be fun, but it’s not set in stone. It’s merely thoughts of what can be done. Again, a lot of creativity and imagination.
    5) We are rebuilding our flower meadow with a new design. A while back you had a glimpse of some of the beautiful rock art made by Fammatre students. These rocks will be incorporated into the new meadow. 
    6) Makerspace / outdoor maker lab. As we move to a squarefoot garden design, it will allow us to open space to bring in more outdoor maker lab projects.
    7) Ball wall art. Some of you may have seen there’s art on one side of the wall.  We will be updating it a bit and then, on the other side we are looking to do another murual like the wall painting with the flowers and sun image. So again, not garden, but helping make our space beautiful.
    As you can see, there’s quite a lot we are looking to do and it’s not just planting. The new space will be a place for everyone to come together (eventually when it safe to do so), and enjoy outdoor learning together.
    Yes, it is quite a bit. How are we going to do all this? It’s going to take time and patience. And we know everyone brings a different set of skills to the table. That’s why it’s exciting We look forward to working together and have you be part of this new vision. 
    If there’s opportunities where we can reach out and get creative things build and done before we get to go back, we will definitely reach out and ask.