Transitional Kindergarten

  • Transitional kindergarten is one of the first steps California’s youngest schoolchildren take in their academic careers. As a parent, you are a key player in setting them on the path to lifelong learning and success. On TKCalifornia, you will find valuable, easy to use support and tips that will get your child off to a strong start!”

    The Kindergarten Readiness Act

    The Kindergarten Readiness Act, SB 1381 created the transitional kindergarten program, the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience for those students who are born between September and December. It also changed the kindergarten entry date from Dec. 2 to Sept. 1, so children enter kindergarten at age 5. The law phases in the new age requirement by moving the cutoff date one month a year for three years, beginning in the fall of 2012.
    Transitional kindergarten gives our state’s young learners the gift of time to help them develop the social, emotional and academic skills they need to succeed in kindergarten. About 120,000 children – including 49,000 English language learners and 74,000 who attend Title I schools – will benefit from transitional kindergarten. 



    • Students better prepared to succeed in traditional kindergarten and beyond
    • Improves social-emotional and cognitive development
    • Increases test scores
    • Reduces grade retention and special education placement
    • Tremendous opportunity to integrate early learning and elementary systems

    Cambrian Transitional Kindergarten Pamphlet