At Fammatre School we believe that education is important and we maintain an environment that is safe, free of distractions and supportive of learning.  Each child is expected to behave appropriately in all school settings and activities and accept responsibility for his/her actions and the consequences of those actions.  Parents and staff share the responsibility for maintaining and supporting the school’s behavioral objectives and working together to correct problems that may arise.

    Our school-wide behavior expectations are:

    Be Safe
    Be Respectful 
    Be Responsible
    Be Caring 

    Fammatre is a PBIS School

    What is PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Supports?

    • Building a positive school-wide social culture 
    • Evidence-based practice for supporting and building a positive social culture
    • Supporting and incorporating asset-building work of Project Cornerstone and character focus of Life Skills
    • Defined by our school’s needs

    Creating learning environments that are:

    • Predictable
    • Consistent
    • Positive
    • Safe

    School-wide PBIS is the delineation of behavioral expectations to all community members in a clear, consistent way in order to create an effective social and educational setting for all students.  We ask that all students and adults practice our behavioral expectations while on campus.

    School-wide Expectations
    • Treat adults and each other with respect and courtesy.
    • Follow directions of all school personnel.
    • Walk quietly in the hallways.
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Keep the school clean.
    • Use appropriate language, gestures and behavior with adults and schoolmates.
    • Refrain from physical and verbal aggression.
    • Respect and take care of school property.
    • Follow other rules and procedures, including those regarding bicycles, the playground, the cafeteria, dress code and items not allowed.

    Consequences/Progressive Discipline

    • Warnings.
    • Teacher discretion in-class consequences.
    • Referral to the office.
    • Parent phone call from principal or teacher and/or conference.
    • On-campus suspension.
    • Suspension.
    • Expulsion.