• The Giver
    Questions for Drone Research Project
    •Where does the information come from (source – website, company or organization)?  
    •What’s the perspective (positive or negative) and why?
    •Briefly summarize what you learned.
    •Evaluate the reliability of the source and what is your response to the article?
    •Sketch of the drone/main topic of the report
    Drone Essay (five paragraphs, include all of the research you did and include the sources the websites in your essay)
    1. What is a drone?  What are different types drones and possibly different names for them?  How are they used?  The last sentence of your first paragraph is you Thesis Statement.  It should clearly state in one sentence the main points you will cover in your essay.  Example: While drones often are used for spying and war, they can also be used for positive things as well.
    2. Concerns about drones.  Include resources from your research.  Add the resources in your essay with (title of website and web address) 
    3. Positive uses of drones. 
    4. Your opinion and why.
    5. Conclusion - Bring everything you said together.  
    Response To Literature Questions
    Chapters 10 and 11 

    1.     When Jonas enters the room for his training, he is intrigued by the number of books. The narrator writes, “The books in his own dwelling were the only books that Jonas had ever seen. He had never known that other books existed,” (page 74). Why do you think that the community only allows the basic books to be read by the majority of the citizens? (A) State your fact /your idea. (B) Give an example / evidence to support your idea.  (C) Elaborate on your evidence. On page 102, books come up again.  (D) In OUR world, when have people tried to limit access to books or information?  Provide as much detail as you are able.  
    2.    In Chapter 11, we learn about climate control. Why did the community resort to climate control and what are the pros and cons for doing so? (A) State your fact /your idea. (B) Give a specific example/evidence to support your idea.               (C) Elaborate/explain your evidence (think about the pros and cons of climate control). (D) Conclude your paragraph.