Degrees and Certifications:

Mission Statement

   am committed to both a positive learning environment and a positive learning experience for my students. By utilizing effective communication between students, parents, administrators, and myself, I will help students understand what my goals are for them as well as help them to set goals for themselves. I will help each student identify and use his/her strengths and individual experiences to reach these goals.    

   I am committed to the idea that my effectiveness as a teacher is directly related to my personal growth and integrity. I will consistently strive to acquire new knowledge and to grow professionally, spiritually and personally. In turn, I will encourage all of my students to grow as individuals and to challenge themselves in all aspects of their lives.      

   I am committed to social justice in my classroom. I will accept nothing less than a class that fosters respect, values diversity, and embraces the differences of each and every student. I am dedicated to the notion that every student deserves equal educational opportunities and that their futures as participatory, responsible citizens are impacted by their time in my classroom.

   To manage any classroom, the most important element is consistency. Students should feel secure that what you say, you will do. Students must have a clear understanding of the rules so I will spend ample time at the beginning of the year talking about and teaching the rules. I also believe that it is vital to involve the parents from the start of the school year and to maintain communication to effectively deal with any problems which may arise.