Requirements & Enrollment

  • Please take the time to review all steps before proceeding, they contain important information to ensure a successful registration

    The online registration process takes about 30 - 45 minutes to complete and works best on a desktop computer. To speed up the online process, have all required documents "attachment" ready beforehand. Note: this process is to register new, or returning students who did NOT attend a school within Cambrian at any point during the 2020-21 school year. Click here for a printable list of Cambrian's required registration documents. 

    Cambrian School District follows the State guidelines and places students by age. Use this link to view the 2021-22 Grade Level Placement Guidelines

    Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten age requirements: 

    • Kindergarten students must turn five (5) years of age before or on September 1
    • Transitional Kindergarten students must turn five (5) years of age on or between September 2 and December 2
      • Students who turn 5 after December 2, will wait until the following school year to register and enroll directly into Kindergarten 

    After gathering all your documents, use the pinkish button below to begin the registration process.
    2021-22 Enrollment Button

  • Additional Information:


    Joint Custody Arrangements

    Family situations do change and Cambrian does its best to accommodate each child's circumstance however, there can only be one primary residence address on file for the student. The student's primary residence is the home in which they physically reside (sleeping) at least 50% of the time, during the regular school year. Cambrian is able to accommodate separate addresses for parents or guardians. 

    Special Custody Circumstances

    Your student's safety is our number one concern and parents or guardians are responsible to provide any special custody documents to the school district in a timely manner. 

    Residency Investigations

    By California law, Cambrian must annually verify a student's current residency, which is achieved when the Annual Student Emergency Form Update is completed. Cambrian School District reserves the right to make home visits in order to verify residence at any time. Falsification of any information or documents required for residency verification or the use of the address of another person without actually residing there may result in the immediate revocation of student enrollment (Cambrian School District Board Policy 5111.1).

Last Modified on September 13, 2021