• Christmas Carol
    Charles Dicken's Bio Blog Entry
    • Dates born and where (city and country)
    • Date died - Where buried and what it says on his headstone.
    • Where he lived
    • Childhood and Family Growing Up (3-4 sentences)
    • Who he Married and Children (3-4 sentences)
    • First Publication
    • Themes of his books
    • A Christmas Carol
      • Where is the Dicken's Project located?
      • What year was A Christmas Carol published?
      • How much is a first edition selling for?
      • List three interesting things about Dicken's World.
    • Christmas Carol Comic Strip
      • Five frame comic strip (one frame for each chapter)
      • Must fill up complete sheet of 12x18 paper
      • Must use AT LEAST five quotes from the book
      • Must use color and of high quality (no rush jobs)
      • Must show characters, setting, conflict and resolution 
    Comic Strip:
     Title Block with name of book, author and your name
     Marley's GhostSpirit of Christmas Past 
     Spirit of Christmas Present    Spirit of Christmas         Future                      The End of It