• The Clay Marble - Cambodia
    Before Reading 
     Use the following to answer the questions in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper.
      1. How big is Cambodia, where is it located and what countries is it surrounded by?
      2. What is the climate like in Cambodia?
      3. Where do most people in Cambodia live? (Now skip to the LAST research page; History of Cambodia, for the following questions:
      4. How do the Cambodian people refer to themselves and what is their national language?
      5. What is the name given to the ancient empire that once ruled present-day Cambodia?
      6. Describe the rule under Jayavarman Dynasty.
      7. Who was Prince Sihanouk?
      8. How did the civil war break out in Cambodia?
      9. How did the Vietnam Ware affect Cambodia?
      10. Who was Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge?
      11. What happened to Cambodia under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge?
      12. Who invaded Cambodia and what happened to Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge?
      13. What happened to Cambodian survivors?

    Cambodia Book Creator Presentation

    • Using the Book Creator App and the two websites listed below, create a simple 10 slide presentation on Cambodia following the guidelines below:

      • http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-pacific-13006828 and http://www.lonelyplanet.com/cambodia

      • Page 1 - Timeline of history - List five picture captions from the BBC website.

      • Page 2 - Timline of history - List five more picture captions from the BBC website

      • Page 3 - Five Essential Experiences in Cambodia (from the Lonely Planet Travel Book)

        1.Gliding down the Mekong River past houseboats and villages
        2. Gazing at the mysteriously beautiful temples of Angkor, among the foremost architectural wonders of the world, at sunrise or sunset
        3.Trekking through Bokor National Park and swimming in its waterfall
        4.Joining in the mayhem of the Water Festival in Phnom Penh
        5.Taking a moto trip through the capital in the jasmine and pepper scented air of sunset, taking you past the Royal Palace and down to the waterfront.
      • Page 4 - Five top destinations in Cambodia with one sentence description of each

      • Page 5 - One sentence on weather, costs of travelling there and health/safety

      • Page 6-10 - One picture on EACH page with a caption

      • Save presentation as: Cambodia and your Name

    Pol Pot Bio Questions

    • Bio information on former Cambodian dictator Pol Pot. Using the internet, answer the following questions in complete sentences. (This website should have all the info you need: http://www.biography.com/people/pol-pot-9443888 )

      • Who was Pol Pot? What did he do to the people of Cambodia?

      • Where did Pol Pot first become involved with the Communist party? Explain.

      • In the 1954 Cambodian election, who was re-elected into power? What did this mean for Pol Pot and the Communist party?

      • Throughout the 1970’s, the Communists party slowly gained power Cambodia. What happened on April 17, 1975? What happened to the 2 million Cambodians who were forced out of their homes?

      • What did Pol Pot do once he became Prime Minister? What was the S-21 interrogation Center?

     Cambodian Refugee Stories - Poster Project 
    Using the above biographical stories and your assigned person, you'll read the story with your shoulder partner (a/b and c/d).  Then individually, you'll answer the following questions together on a blank sheet of paper.  Eventually you'll be taking the information from your research and make a poster.  You'll be turning in these questions at the end of the period today. Again, answer on a blank sheet of paper using complete sentences and the ACE principles.
      1. What's the name of your assigned person and how old are they?
      2. What conditions forced them to flee Cambodia?
      3. Are they glad to be out of Cambodia?  Why or why not?
      4. Where are the living since leaving Cambodia?  What are the conditions like here?
      5. What was difficult about adjusting to a new country?
      6. What do you do now versus what you did in Cambodia?
      7. How do they feel about their future?
      8. How do they feel about he future of Cambodia?
      9. Describe what's in the pictures that go along with article.
      10. Imagine what it would be like to be a refugee.  Write 5-7 sentences describing how it might feel.
      11. Sketch a picture your character might draw showing their refugee experience.3
    • Now create a poster on 12x18 construction paper telling the refugee story of your person.  Your poster must include:
      1. Title: Name of your person (in big letters)
      2. Sub Title: Phrase that goes with your person (written under their name on the article)
      3. Age
      4. What forced them to leave Cambodia
      5. How was Life in a refugee camp
      6. How is Life in America (where they live in the US)
      7. Their outlook on the Future
      8. Picture(s) or graphic(s) to go with their story
      9. Colorful and visually appealing
    During Reading
    Blog Questions - Chapters 1-6 
    1. Why do Dara and her family leave their village in Cambodia?  Explain why Nong Chan is a welcoming sight to them.
    2. Describe Jantu's Family.  Why does Dara find Jantu fascinating?
    3. According to Jantu, why are she and Dara not longer part of "real families"?  What do Jantu's clay dolls reveal about the girls' attitude toward family and their hope for the future?
    4. Food and the feeling of community at Nong Chan lift Dara's spirits but cannot erase her strong feelings of sadness.  Why is she sad and how does the author show her sadness?
    5. One of the main themes of the book is how Dara changes.  How would you describe Dara in the first few chapter of the book?  Does she have hope and courage?  Does she seem mature and confident?  Why or why not?  Cite passages to support your answer. 
    6. How do you feel about the fighting in Cambodia? 
    Blog Questions - Chapter 7-12
    1. What qualities to people need to overcome hardships?  Give an example from your life or someone you know.
    2. Explain how Dara and Jantu become separated from their families.  How do the girls react to the situation?  
    3. What important information does Chnay share with Dara when they are at the stone beam?  Why do you think Dara feels sorry for Chnay for the first time?
    4. Why does Dara ask for a job in the General's kitchen?  What character traits does she show in her conversation with the General?   
    5. Do you believe Jantu's clay marble is really magical and is the reason why Dara survives her ordeal and finds her family?  Why or why not?  
    6. In your opinion, does Dara grow or change at all in this section?  Explain.
    Blog Questions - Chapter 13-18
    1. What thoughts went through your mind while reading the last section of the novel?  Record your ideas in your blog.
    2. In what ways has Suran changed in this section?  How do Dara and Nea feel about these changes?
    3. Describe the conditions at the hospital where Dara finds Jantu and Baby.  Why does Dara feel guilty after the leaves the hospital?
    4. What does Dara say when she confronts Sarun?  Why, do you think, is she able to stand up to him?
    5. What does Jantu mean when she tells Dara that she must "maker her onw magic marble"?
    6. Why is Jantu so important to Dara?  In your opinion, what is the most important lesson Dara learns from Jantu? 
    7. Write a short letter from Dara to Sarun telling him why leaving behind the military and returning to life of farming and family is the right choice.  Give solid reasons why she believes the fighting is sensless and wrong.  Also support her opinions with examples from her life. 
    After Reading 
     The Girl Who Spelled Freedom