• Students should have the following supplies each day to be prepared for class:

    • Price Agenda/Planner
    • A 1 in. binder dedicated for math (or a bigger binder that is shared with another subject)
      • 5 dividers: We will label them in class together
      • A clear page protector
    • 3 sharpened pencils or 2 mechanical pencils with eraser
      • homework will not be accepted in pen
    • Correcting pen (any color except black)
    • 3 Highlighers (pink, yellow, & green)
    • Binder paper (100 sheets) 
    • Graph Paper (50 sheets)

    The supplies below are recommended to make a student’s life easier throughout the year

    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Ruler
    • Glue stick
    • Stapler
    • Calculator (one that has the square root button and integer button) 
    • Some sort of colors (pens, crayons, markers, colored pencils)

    *If at any time anyone wants to make class donations, we are always in need of Kleenex, binder paper (lined & graphed), pencils, & pens.

     Below is an overview of how your student's grade is calculated.

    Click on grading outline to see an outline

    Grading Outline

    Below is a brief overview.

    Assessments (50% of total grade)

    SAFETY NET (Quiz Retakes)

    If students get a grade on a quiz that they are not happy with, they have the opportunity to retake that quiz.  Quiz corrections need to be done as their ticket for a new quiz to retake.  The new quiz score then replaces the original score. If students need help with corrections they can see me at the designated times (see homework link for availablity)

    Learning Logs

    Students will complete a learning log in class as another way of assessment.  They can work in thier teams as well as look in thier binders to answer the questions. Thier will be rubric used to grade each log.

    Safety Net

    If students do not do well on a learning log they can redo it once and resubmit for a better grade. 

    Classwork (35% of total grade) 

    This is made up of Core Problems, Projects, Presentations, MARS tasks, Closure problems, and anything else that we do in class.

    At the end of each chapter student’s binders will be collected and the core problems graded. It is a little different than what student’s consider a “binder check”.   A rubric will go home a couple days before letting them know what will be looked at.

    • Overall organization
      • Is everything where it should be in the binder?
      • Is each section (divider) have everything it should?
    • Each core problem lesson from the chapter will be graded on the following:
      • Was it in the correct order?
      • Is it complete?
      • One question/problem will be checked for accuracy.


    All lessons will be posted on my website for students to reference. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get the lesson from a friend or from my website.

    Closure problems are graded based on the same requirments each time.  See the reference section for more details.

    Homework (15% of total grade)

    Homework will be given 3 nights a week and the expectations on set up, completion, and grading will be discussed in class. More details will be in the reference section of their binder,

    Missing Assignments

    If students do not complete a homework assignment the day it is due, they have up to 1 week from the date it was assigned to do it and earn partial credit for it. Students are to complete the assignment, grade it, and show me the score before credit is given.

    Homework Corrections

    Students have 2 weeks from the date the assignment was due to do corrections for a higher score. On a separate piece of paper (labeled correctly) students need to have all 10 problems that were corrected from the assignment on the paper.  Assignments then get turned in, graded, and scores will be adjusted.


    Extra Credit

    Students will have numerous opportunities throughout each quarter to earn extra credit to help improve their grade. Every homework assignment has 1 point of extra credit built into it. Generally, every other quiz will have a question on it work 5 – 10% of extra credit. Lastly, their will be 1 – 2 assignments given each quarter that will be for extra credit. I do not give extra credit at the end of the quarter.


    Parent Communication

    Information will be sent home about student progress and things going on in class. If papers need to be signed and returned, they will go in this category.