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    Classroom Resources

    Volunteer and Conference Sign-ups
    For volunteer sign-ups and to sign up for November conferences, click here.

    Birthday Celebrations
    To celebrate each child's birthday, we will be creating "birthday books" that include letters from each student in the class.  You are welcome to come celebrate your child's birthday with the class. Simply email me, and we will arrange the day and time.  If you would like to bring something to share with the class, please follow our school's birthday treats policy, which encourages healthy or non-food treats.   

    Back to School Night
    If you missed the presentation, click here to view the presentation.
    Scholastic Book Orders

    You can order books online through Scholastic!  Our class activation code is GKMNT.

    Other Resources
    Reading Resource: A Book and a Hug
    A Book and a Hug is a wonderful website that lists books by genre, age, and interest.  Read book reviews and find new book recommendations for your kids!
    Yardsticks, by Chip Wood, is a practical resource covering the different academic and social/emotional needs of children as they grow from age 4 to age 14.  For each age, this book includes physical, social, language, and cognitive growth patterns.  There are also suggestions for reading, writing, mathematics, and thematic units.  Easily read-able and incredibly practical, this is a must have reference book!  Chip Wood also has a website which features a blog and other practical articles.  

    Common Sense Media

    Common Sense Media provides reviews of movies, games, websites, TV, and books.  In addition to seeing recommendations, you can look up any movie, game, website, TV show, or book and see the ages ranges in which your selected item is “appropriate.”  The review will also inform you of what to watch out for, including underlying messages, violence, language, and level of consumerism.

    Project Based Learning

    Project Based Learning (PBL) is an innovative way to engage student learning.  PBL projects include a driving question, student led inquiry, and an innovative outlet for students to display their learning.  Look for more PBL projects coming soon!