• Remembering 9/11 - Peace Project 
     For this special project, we'll be reading articles, watching videos and doing some writing about 9/11 how it relates to World War II and Peace in the world today.  This unit will take about a week to get through.  Hold onto all your written work and it will all be stapled and collected in the end.  The goal of this unit is to understand lessons of 9/11, how it relates to some themes of World War II and finally how we can connect these lessons of war and peace to our lives today.  
    War and Peace
    How War Affects Kids 
    Sodoko Story
    Movie : Hiroshima Maiden
    Video: Growing Up at Gound Zero
    Blog: Thinking about Sadako, Growing up at Ground Zero, Hiroshima Maiden and My Name is Osama, blog about how war has affected kids?    
    What is your PERSONAL response?  How can kid's be an instrument of peace in the world?