Core Class

  • 7th Grade CORE

    Reading & Language Arts

     Books What is CORE? CORE is a two-period block of reading, writing, spelling & vocabulary, grammar/language conventions and listening and speaking skills. 
     Bee  Spelling & Vocabulary: Spelling work focuses on particular rules of spelling, such as adding suffixes to words, whereas vocabulary is understanding the meaning of words using context clues. Vocabulary will include word stems and vocabulary taken from the context of our reading assignments. 
     Grammar  Daily Oral Language (D.O.L.): D.O.L. is grammar-based and reviews proper capitalization, correcting and strengthening various sentence structures, and using correct punctuation (commas, quotation marks, semicolons, colons). Students carry a spiral notebook designated for DOL where they take notes and complete a warm-up exercise of 3 sentences related to our grammar focus for the week. D.O.L. practice work is assigned throughout the week to reinforce the skills prior to a quiz.
    Independent Reading/Literature Circles & Book Projects: Based on their interest, students rank and select books with similar themes from a list of titles. They are placed into literature circle groups with students who selected similar titles. Each week, students will meet with their literature circle to discuss specific elements of their novel (characterization, setting, conflict, point of view, theme, and the author's style of writing). Individually, students are required to complete a book project for this novel.
    Book projects throughout the year include creating (1) a book jacket, (2) creating a scrapbook of the main character, (3) creating a symbolic mask of the main character, (4) a character sketch, and (5) creating a magazine from their novel.
     writer Writing Domains: Each writing domain focuses on a particular style of writing. There are three types of essays that seventh graders focus on throughout the year: Narrative (Fictional or Personal), Informative/Explanatory, and Argumentative.