• Did You Know?

    Fun health and nutrition facts about the Cambrian School District Meal Program:
    • The Cambrian School District Meal Program has been 100% trans-fat free since 2006
    • All entrees – such as pizza, cereal, muffins, and all sliced bread and buns are made from whole grains
    • All menus meet federal and state guidelines of less than 30% total fat, and less than 10% saturated fat
    • We do not fry any foods – chicken nuggets, breaded chicken patty sandwiches, French fried potatoes, and orange chicken are all baked
    • Our milk selection is all natural, rBST-free, and does not contain any high fructose corn syrup
    • Fresh fruit and vegetables are acquired through local California growers
    • Ingredients and menu selections are low fat and low sugar whenever possible