Welcome to Social Studies

           Grade 7

             Mrs. Dodge





    Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to seventh grade social studies.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year.  This class will include the study of many interesting topics: Geography, World Religion, the Fall of the Roman Empire, African and Asian Civilizations, Medieval Societies, Renaissance and Reformation.  Through art, oral presentations, and various projects, the students will have a better understanding of cultural and social structure.  Listed below are the classroom procedures which will be expected of your child.  Please read over these policies so we can work together to provide the best learning environment for your child.




    * Though the homework varies daily, the last Friday of every month the students will turn in a Current Event.  For this assignment, the students will read an article of their choice from the newspaper or internet (article should be a minimum of 7 paragraphs).  After reading the article, the student is then required to cut or print the article, staple it to the Current Event form, and complete the assignment. Current Event forms are available in the classroom, or on my web page (www.cambriansd.org/price/dodgej).


    *Homework assignments will be updated weekly on my webpage.


    * All assignments not turned in on time will be subject to a 20% deduction. No late work after the second day will be accepted.


    * If  missing two assignments, a detention before or after school, or during lunch break will be assigned.


    * If absent, all homework should be picked up from the absent homework folder.  Each child is responsible for his/her own homework when absent.  Homework from absences is usually due within two days after returning to school.







    All grades will be given using the following grading policy

    Homework/ Classwork 25%

    Tests 25%

    Projects 25%

    Participation 25%



    A 90-100%

    B 80-89%

    C 70-79%

    D 60-69%

    F 59% and below


    Recommended Supply List

    sturdy spiral notebook with minimum 100 pages 

    binder paper

    #2 pencils

    red pen (2)

    colored pencils 

    *If you would like to donate a container of Clorox wipes or tissue to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated.



    Behavior Management

    Students are expected to follow all rules in the student handbook.


    1) Verbal warning

    2) Detention

    1.            3) Phone call home



    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at dodgej@cambriansd.com or 

    (408) 377-2532  Together we can ensure that your child has a positive and productive seventh grade year. Looking forward to seeing you all at Back-to-School-Night.


    Thank you for reading the classroom expectations. Please sign and return the form on this page.


    Jennifer Dodge


    Please return this sheet only 

    (keep the actual course outline for reference)


    I have read the following procedures and policies for Mrs. Dodge’s  S.S. Class.




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