• Ms. Sangha's Frequently Asked Questions


    Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers

    to common questions of students and parents.


    What is your grading policy?    What materials do I need for my class?  What are the classroom rules?

    When can I (student) come see you for extra help?

    • I am available in the mornings and after school or make

              an appointment to see me at lunch.


    Do you need anything for your classroom?

    • tissue
    • copy paper (colored)
    • sanitizing wipes
    • febreze
    • individually wrapped candy
    • jar of red vines
    • sticker
    • glitter


    Where can I find out the homework due for tomorrow?

    • Power School lists the homework and the due dates. 
    • Power School also has the grades of submitted assignments.
    • Go back to home page and click on portal to Power School to go to Power School