• Creating Your Personal Google Docs Site

    • Name your site: your last name and first initial (e.g. for me, it would be schertler)
    • Give your site a catchy title which includes your name
    • Insert a picture of yourself from: I:\Schertle\Class Pics (you can only do this on campus). Insert the picture of you with "-800" as part of the file name. This is a lower resolution picture and the ONLY one that will work with Google Docs.
    • Create a title called About Me. Then write a paragraph or two introducing yourself. Tell about:
      1. Your family
      2. Your interests
      3. Places you've traveled
      4. Hopes for the future
    • Hotlist of your five favorite websites
    • Create a new heading called Classwork. Using the Insert menu, insert all the presentations and documents we have worked on so far. With each, include a description of the assignment and how it relates to what we're doing in class. If you want to get more sophisticated and have a cleaner looking home page, you can create a link from Classwork to another page with all your class projects.  This would make your main page look neater and less cluttered.
    • Add a design if it's appropriate.
    • Click here to see my sample