• Apartheid Questions
    Answer the following questions in the Lit. Notebooks in complete sentences. Use this website for your research.
    1. What is apartheid?
    2. What does it mean in English?
    3. When was it in effect in South Africa?
    4. What is racial segregation?
    5. What did racial segregation look like in the United States and when was it in effect?
    6. List several apartheid laws.
    7. What happened in Sharpeville on March 21, 1960?
    8. Who is Nelson Mandela and why is he important to the history of South Africa?
    9. When did apartheid end in South Africa?
    10. What are the similarities and differences between the Jim Crow laws in the United States and Apartheid in South Africa?

    The Color of Friendship: Follow-up Questions

    Answer the following questions on a blank sheet of paper.

    1.    Describe the Dellum family from America.

    2.    Describe Mahree Bok's family from South Africa.

    3.    Describe the "big surprise and misunderstanding" between the Dellum family and Mahree at the beginning of the movie.  What were each expecting?  What actually happened?

    4.    What problems did the misunderstanding create for the both the Dellums and Mahree?  Give examples.

    5.    Who do you think had a harder time adjusting, Piper or Mahree?  Explain.

    6.    Explain three things the Dellums learned and three things Mahree learned from each other.

    7.    How are the Dellums different as a result of having Mahree as an exchange student?  How will Piper's life be different?

    8.   How has Mahree changed as a result of her stay with the Dullums in America?  How will her life in South Africa be different?

    9. When was apartheid dismantled?  When did free elections first take place and who was the first president?  
    10. How are things in South Africa today?