• Quote project

    Step 1

    Choose a quote that resonates with your beliefs; a quote that has significant meaning to you.  Quote Project Websites

    Write your quote on a piece of white paper that is 18X6 inches. Your quote should be very neat and colorful so that it can be read from the back of the room.

    Step 2

    Once you have decided on that quote, find out about the person who said it and write two to three sentences about the author of that quote.

    Next, answer in two to three sentences what the quote means to you.

    Then in two to three sentences tell how you can apply the message to your life as a middle school student.

    Glue the written portion to the back of the 18X6 sheet of paper.

    Front of 18X6 paper

    “Whether you think you can orthink you can’t- you are RIGHT.”

    - Henry Ford

    Back of 18X6 paper

    Henry Ford was a car maker and a business owner. Henry was an American industrialist, founder of the Ford Motor Company and developer of the assembly line technique of mass production. His introduction of the Model T car revolutionized transportation and American industry. As owner of the Ford Motor Company, he became one of the richest and best-known people in the world. I believe Henry said this quote because people didn’t imagine a world with everybody owning their own car. He wanted people to envision a world of cars and convenient transportation for all. He felt that if you believe hard enough anything is possible. In other words your attitude can determine success of failure. I can apply this to my life in many situations. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with tasks, and I think that I can’t accomplish it all. If I believe I can, then I will be able to because I simply believed it to be true. Our powerful minds control our bodies. I can do it!