Please note that all elective classes are for one semester except those otherwise designated.


    Band I (Beginning Band) semester course

    This is an entry level band for those with little or no previous instrumental experience. This course is intended to serve students with or without exploratory music experience. Instruments offered include Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute. Other instruments can be taught with prior instructor consent. Drums and percussion are not offered in this class.

    Band II (Concert Band) year long course

    This group is our mid-level instrumental ensemble and designed to take over where Band I leaves off. This class offers more performing opportunities at school events plus spring time festivals and the annual competition at Great America amusement park. Band II meets 0 period and is a full credit class that lasts two semesters. Concert Band is designed to accept incoming 6th graders that have completed 1 or 2 years of Band in elementary school.

    Band III (Symphonic Band) year long course

    This is our premiere performing group and requires a larger commitment to participation and to the instrument. Symphonic Band travels to Disneyland in the spring, and also participates in other festivals and competitions including local area parades and other school and community performances. Participation in this class is year long and is by placement audition only.

    Choir I (Beginning Choir) semester course

    This is an entry level vocal group for those with no previous vocal experience. Emphasis is on beginning vocal tone production, technique and note reading. This course is intended to serve students with or without exploratory music experience. One concert performance is required. No previous experience is necessary for this class. It is designed to accommodate beginners and near beginners.

    Choir II (Bella Voce' – formerly Advanced Choir) year long course

    Our most advanced vocal performing group. Emphasis is on performance and continuation of vocal technique. Advanced Choir travels to Disneyland in the spring, and also participates in other festivals and competitions including local and school and community performances. Participation in this class is year long and is by placement audition only.

    Spanish I year long course
    Taking a foreign language can broaden a student's outlook and strengthen communication skills. An exciting program is offered in Spanish. Students understand and produce simple questions, engage in simple conversation and can find the main idea in some limited social and survival situations. You will also learn correct language for engaging in meaningful dialogue. Appreciation of the different cultures of the Spanish speaking world is an important part of this class. Successful completion of Spanish I and II with an “A” or “B” grade will enable the student to enroll in a second-year course on entering high school. Spanish I is open to 7th and 8th grade students. Eighth graders completing only Spanish I may need to enroll in Spanish I in high school.
    Spanish II (completion of Spanish I required) year long course
    It is a continuation of the Spanish I program. At the end of Spanish II, students are able to create with the language, ask and answer questions, participate in casual conversations, express facts, give instructions, describe, report, and provide narration about current, past and future activities. Spanish II is challenging, fast paced and very motivating. Being willing to be strong in Oral Practice during class time is very important in this class. Students successfully completing this class will be recommended for Spanish II in 9th grade.
    Theater Arts semester course

    Explore the creativity, comedy, and drama that theater has to offer. Break out of your shell while learning teamwork and trust. Students will learn different elements of acting, including improvisation (like on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?), scenes, stage direction, set design, and makeup. Students will perform a scene in front of an audience. Performances will be a source of tremendous pride.

    ASD Math (7th & 8th graders)

    The math class will be assigned to students who fail to meet 6th grade math standards. Mathx2 will provide additional instruction with the Math 7 or 8 standards. The class will complement the regular 7th or 8th grade Math classes. Teachers will utilize a variety of strategies to help students understand the basics needed to be successful in math and do well in high school.


    ASD IM1

    This math elective is one of our accelerated math pathways.  Students enroll in the Common Core 8th grade math class and the year long Integrated Math elective.  Students are provided instruction and problem solving opportunities for the Integrated Math 1 standards typically taught in grade 9.  Students may be eligible for Integrated Math II in their 9th grade year provided they are able to demonstrate mastery.

    Art I semester course

    This is a beginning Art Class where everyone can learn to draw. Students will learn the Elements of Art and have a variety of drawing and painting experiences. Students will have the opportunity to complete individual projects and a sketchbook using graphite, charcoal, pastel, colored pens and pencils, watercolor and tempera paint. Individual expression is emphasized and no prior experience is necessary.

    Art II  semester course

    In this intermediate to advance Art Class, students will learn the Principles of Art and have an opportunity to specialize in the medium of their own choice. Students will experience new techniques of collage, pen and ink, acrylic paint and print making. Students will keep a sketchbook and complete projects of their own choosing. An opportunity to work on a school mural project will also be offered. Successful completion of Art I is required.

    Ceramics semester course

    This is a beginning class where students will learn how to work with Ceramic Clay to make a number of creative projects. Basic Hand Building methods (pinch, coil, slab and hollow form) will be taught. Students will also be introduced to sculpture and be encouraged to choose some of their own special projects. Students will gain experience with firing and glazing clay projects. No experience is necessary.

    Ceramics II Completion of Ceramics I required

    Students will continue to advance their skills in Hand Building and have the opportunity to learn how to throw on the wheel. The sculpture method will be emphasized and students will complete projects of their own choosing. New methods of decorating will be taught including the Raku Method, a method involving firing and smoking the clay piece. Students will also have an opportunity to work with other students in an exciting Clay Competition called Clay Fest similar to the Fest similar to the Olympic Events. Successful completion of Clay 1 is required.

    Computer Essentials semester course

    Students will increase their computer competency through hands-on activities using various computer programs. Applications learned will include intermediate word processing and multimedia presentation using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Students will gain a detailed understanding of Windows XP, network and Internet literacy, and the inner workings of a modern personal computer. Additionally, students will practice daily to become proficient at keyboarding. This class is designed for students with varying degrees of computer literacy.

    Leadership Class semester course (application required – see Mrs. Dodge for application)

    Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.00 (C) for the previous year and NO “U” in conduct in any class from the previous year. Additionally, students must attach to their elective choice sheet the completed application they picked up from Mrs. Dodge. Price Leadership/ASB takes great pride in gathering together a group of hard-working students committed to making their school a better place by serving others. Students in the Leadership/ASB will use leadership skills and design individual projects to promote a positive school climate, school spirit and student involvement. Students work during the summer, before school, after school, during break, and in the evenings organizing activities for the school. Students in Leadership/ASB work a minimum of 825 minutes (13 hours) outside of class time per quarter in service to their school. Leadership students need to model positive behavior.
    Students in the Leadership Class will use leadership skills and design individual projects to promote a positive school climate, school spirit, and student involvement.

    Media Production semester course

    Students will produce and direct the Price daily student news program, PNN. Every student will learn how to use video-broadcasting equipment including video cameras, audio and video mixing boards, teleprompter and title maker. Students will work on special assignment projects, taping footage and editing utilizing the iMovie program on Macintosh computers. 

    Yearbook semester course (application required – see Mrs. Dodge for application)

    Students will participate in every aspect of the planning and development of the school yearbook. Strong writing skills are essential. The yearbook is designed entirely on the computer using the program Adobe InDesign CS2; therefore computer skills, or the desire to acquire computer knowledge is vital. Students in this elective will be involved in producing next year’s yearbook, from cover through distribution.

    Aides * (application required - see Mrs. Graham)

    * Describe why you believe you are qualified to have this position of responsibility. This “application” must include a teacher’s signature as a recommendation.

    Office Aide 

    Work with administrators, secretaries and counselor to promote the smooth functioning of the office. Duties include: delivering messages to classrooms, filing, collating, and using office machines.

    Teacher Aide 

    Positions are available at Price or at Fammatre. May include working with students in a classroom setting or working with teachers doing recording, copying, organizing, and related tasks.