• Seventh Grade English Language Arts:


    Textbook: The Language of Literature by McDougal-Littell

    Units of Study/Themes for the year:

    1. Novel units of study, which may parallel themes covered in social studies include --
      • The Outsiders
      • The Clay Marble
      • Holes
      • The Pearl
      • Walkabout
    2. Step Up To Writing:
      • Problem/Solution essay
      • Evaluation essay
      • Research report of information
      • Responses to literature
      • Book reports
    3. Poetry Unit
    4. Non-fiction unit
    5. Units of study from The Language of Literature :
      • Learning from Experience
      • Relationships
      • Flights of Imagination
      • Nothing Stays the Same
      • Personal Challenges
      • The Oral Tradition: Tales from Around the World
    6. Living in the Heart: grade level unit focused around Heart Week