• The Outsiders - Building Backgrounds
    Part 1 
    When you meet people your own age, what makes you want to know them better? From the list below, in your blog, list FIVE qualities that interest you the most.
    • the way the dress
    • their grades in school
    • how they treat others
    • their sense of humor
    • their interests
    • where they live
    • their physical appearance
    • how their families behave
    • the way they talk
    • what they do for fun
    • how the react to you
    • their athletic abilities
    • their loyalty to their friends
    • how much money they have
    • where they hang out
    • a willingness to share
    Part 2 
    In The Outsiders, the characters live in a world where individual values are often changed by the values of the group. Friendship and loyalty could mean the difference between life and death. Think of the values you look for in your own friends as you answer the following questions in your lit notebook.
    1. List two or more qualities that you look for in a friend. Why are these qualities important to you?
    2. Describe how and why a person shows loyalty to their friends, family and/or school.