• Outsiders Questions Chapters 4-7

    1. Why did the Socs attack Ponyboy and Johnny in the park?
    2. What happens as a result of the attack?
    3. What is Ponyboy feeling and thinking when he and Johnny reach the church on Jay Mountain?
    4. What causes Ponyboy to recite the poem to Johnny? What does Johnny think of it?
    5. Copy the poem and write down the author.
    6. What news from home does Dally bring to Johnny and Ponyboy at the church?
    7. What do Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally do when they discover the church is on fire?
    8. What does Ponyboy learn about Darry when his brothers arrive in the hospital?
    9. How does Ponyboy react when Randy confides in him at the Tasty Freeze?
    10. Are Johnny and Ponyboy heroes or villians? Should they still be punished for killing Bob? Support your answer with evidence from the book. This question should be answered in 5-7 sentence.