• The Outsiders - Chapters 8-12

    1. What is Johnny's reaction when he realizes how badly he is hurt?
    2. What differing thoughts to Soda, Steve, Darry, and Ponyboy have about the rumble before it begins?
    3. What advice does Johnny give Ponyboy? What do you think Johnny means?
    4. After Dallas confronts the police in the vacant lot, why does Ponyboy say, "I knew that was what Dallas wanted"?
    5. Why does Ponyboy insist Johnny is not dead?
    6. Wh does Two-Bit tell Ponyboy, "You're not like the rest of us and don't try to be..."?
    7. How does Johnny's letter change Ponyboy's thinking about himself, his future, and his friends?
    8. In what ways has Johnny shown great loyalty to Ponyboy throughout the story? How does Ponyboy react to Johnny's loyalty?
    9. How did you like the book overall? How did you like the ending? Explain.